Boeing is a household name for good reason. Their UAS subsidiary, Insitu has been one of the most successful UAS manufacturers in the world for over twenty years. 

Insitu's software team has integrated their new Ground Control Station (GCS), Inexa, with the Microsoft Hololens. This has implications reaching far beyond wildfires. 

"For the first time, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and holograms are helping fight the wildfires. Flight operators manipulate holographic tactical maps of ScanEagles, helicopters and firefighters to direct resources to where they’re most needed. With Inexa Control software, the engineers hope to use mixed reality technology to one day control an entire fleet of UAVs for commercial use. Learn more about Boeing Innovations at" - Boeing Innovations

It is well known that maintaining situational awareness (SA) is one of the greatest challenges for the UAS industry compared to conventional aviation. This system would give improved SA to the aircraft operators and operational leadership during flights in complex environments.

What if this information was synthesized with ADS-B onboard the aircraft? That would also provide the team with a data-rich indication of any non-participating aircraft in the area with incredible perspective. The reduction in mental bandwidth needed to evaluate and manage risk could potentially save lives and resources lost to natural disasters every year.

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Source: Boeing