What if you could touch an area on your tablet map, and that area would be highlighted in your goggles as you fly towards it? Not only that, your camera responds in real time to movements of your head so you can look for traffic and obstacles that are highlighted and labeled based on integration with your tablet and synthetic vision.

Last month I wrote about augmented reality and how it could enhance situational awareness. 

Today we will discuss a marriage of technology that is quietly being tested and will soon make its way to the commercial market.

First, we already have amazingly high fidelity inertial sensors that can transmit command data to camera gimbals as we see in HobbyKing's video from 2014 #HobbyKing:

Specifically note at 00:20 how the FPV Goggles Inertial Sensors control the camera gimbal to turn pilot head movements into camera payload movement for intuitive control.

Now let's integrate that ability with Heads-Up projections based on aircraft location and selected overlays, and you would be able to highlight anything you need for your mission. Simply tap an icon on the map and it will be highlighted on your view through the aircraft camera or payload.

You could highlight:

  • Selected areas for data gathering based on a selections made on another linked device
  • Specific areas of a facility for inspection
  • Systematic grid scanning to indicate which areas have already been recorded
  • Air traffic based on ADS-B data. #adsb
  • 3D Airspace projections
  • Terrain with color coding based on aircraft altitude to turn yellow and red if your GPS altitude is close to the terrain elevation
  • Obstacles such as radio towers or powerlines
  • City Street names
  • Cell Phone coordinates for First Responders

This would also make working with a large team far easier. A team member on the ground can say, "Moving to the north side of building 312." Type in 312 and select, the building is highlighted on your map and in the your goggles.

The possibilities are unlimited. Get ready for quantum expansion in this industry.

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