brett bennett

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Brett Bennett- 1.jpg

Brett’s specialty within the team is identifying market voids. Brett has been looking to the skies for as long as he can remember. When he was not looking up, he was chasing the newest technology in hopes of being a part of the next great innovation. Moving further towards his motivations, he deftly became caffeine dependent, and attained degrees in Aviation, Management, Intelligence Operations, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems while simultaneously finishing his FAA Commercial and Flight Instructor ratings. From there, Brett would become a Mission Coordinator, Standardization Pilot, and Master Instructor for the United States Army Intelligence Center, and has taught hundreds of service members from the Army, Navy, and Marines how to fly various unmanned systems. Later he put his flight training experience to work supporting software integration, and flight test on new technologies with several DoD and government contractor customers, to include the Air Force Research Laboratories. Taking an interest in orchestrating the bigger picture of things, Brett then moved into project management where he has gained invaluable experience in management and support of logistics, fielding, and training of new UAS equipment. When he’s not geek’n out about drones, or writing about himself in the third person he can be found chasing all four of his kids around and loving every minute of it.


taylor butterfield

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

Taylor's primary responsibility within the team is to develop and execute strategies to fulfill the market voids that SkyTap is positioned to command. Taylor has degrees in Aviation Management and Commercial Aviation. While teaching at the University of North Dakota, he had the opportunity to work as the UAS Project Coordinator and Lead UAS Flight Instructor. While in this position, he was able to use UAS to research Agriculture, Air Traffic Technologies, Flood Monitoring, and Public Safety, along with teaching students enrolled in the UAS Operations degree program. After leaving North Dakota, Taylor began flying larger aircraft with more complex payloads in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and the Department of Defense. Following his experience as a professional pilot, Taylor moved up to roles managing and supporting logistics, fielding, and training of high-end UAS equipment.  From his lessons learned during high-risk and high-reward operations, Taylor wants to bring the powerful tools and techniques currently in restricted use into the commercial space.





Executive Vice-President

Shaun brings a wealth of business acumen and strategy to SkyTap's firepower. Shaun has a rich background in business and innovation. An avid outdoorsmen, Shaun has managed, owned, and founded businesses in the Agriculture, Mining, and Real Estate industries. Shaun has also served our community as a Deputy Sheriff flying helicopters on Search and Rescue, Patrol, Surveillance, and Border Enforcement, as well as operating sensors as a Tactical Flight Officer. He is well acquainted with the latest means of employing high-capability air assets.

When he isn’t out finding new ways to sell better mouse traps, Shaun invests heavily in being a husband, a father, and doing whatever he can to get his family outdoors on escapades that entail boating, fishing, boarding, camping, hunting, or any other means of getting away to pause for a breath of crisp morning air.